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Virginia Demo was blunt against the production of Big Brother after the benefit of Bautista Mascia: “There is nothing clean”


Virginia Demo he complained, and sharply shot against the production of Big Brother 2023 (Telefe) since he feels that there are certain ideas for the game that are not beneficial to the rest of his teammates. The new leader had a talk with Bautista Mascia in the kitchen of the house, and expressed his anger.

In itself, he discussed and compared the plot against Manzana with the benefit to the Uruguayan, and stated that it was exactly the same. In turn, he made it clear that the game is not fair, and that he would go to complain to the production.

The issue was very dynamic, and everything had to do with the nominations. I don’t know anything else, it was very fun. “I took the experience away because it was fun.”expressed Baptist. A little offended, Virginia commented: “It seems bad to me, and I’m going to talk to Big Brother about it. It seems to me for the ortho.” And the singer fired: “It’s part of the game Vir”

“No, but it seems to me for the ortho. Always the same, do you understand me? In other words, there is nothing clean. And then they get angry, of course, then they get angry when someone makes a (plot). It’s bullshit. It seems bad to me, and it seems wrong to me, I mean, yes, I’m telling you, Big Brother, and I’m going to tell you in the confessional too.”he remarked Demo.

In the middle of the talk, Zoe Bogach intervenes, and launched: “You may be right, that is, there is nothing clear of that.”. What Baptist answered: “The thing is, actually, that’s why he said it’s a mega benefit, because it really is.”

And the standapera returned to the fray, and stated: “That’s not a benefit, that’s screwing over the rest of the people. On top of that, I’m a leader, and that’s why I tell you that it’s all bullshit. It doesn’t make you want to do strategy, it doesn’t make you want to do anything. We come from two ortho plates. I think it’s crazy.”

Finally, Zoe Bogach warned them to stop plotting to vote for Appleand Bautista Mascia next to Virginia Demo They started talking about a different topic while the others finished eating.

Why isn’t Big Brother broadcast today?

Because Telefe bought the rights to the Copa Libertadores to broadcast them throughout the country. Big Brother will not air on April 24, since River Plate will visit Libertad of Paraguay for the third date of said competition, and the match will be on the reality show schedule.

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