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Virginia Gallardo spoke about the accident she suffered with her motorcycle: “I ended up rolling on the floor”


Virginia Gallardo He suffered an accident with his motorcycle while on his way to Not very correct (El Trece) and explained what happened.

The model was finally able to get to the program hosted by the Pollo Alvarez and the Chinese Leunis in The thirteen and brought peace of mind about his health after the accident on public roads.

What happened to Virginia Gallardo

“I was coming to the canal and I know it’s an accident that usually happens, but a car stopped me centimeters away.. And he gets out and says to the person next to him: ‘Did you see what you made me do!’ I ended up rolling on the floor. In case anyone saw a girl lying on Libertador and Alverar, it was me,” she introduced.

I fell, it’s real, and my whole leg hurts, my buttock… I haven’t gone to the guard yet, I was late here. It was lucky, I got up quickly“explained the panelist.

I braked and there was no option for anything, I fell to the asphalt“he added Virginia Gallardoand showed that she had to sit in the Poco Correctos (El Trece) chair with a pillow under her leg because of the pain.

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