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Virginia Gallardo suffered a violent robbery on a public road and her car was destroyed: “I try to have empathy”


Virginia Gallardo showed how his car was destroyed after being the victim of a robbery on public roads, and the images had an impact on the Internet.

Through his Instagram accountthe panelist of Little Correct (The Thirteen) He shared his indignation and sadness, and expressed: “The one who walks with a streak”. His first sayings refer to the fact that he also He had suffered an accident with his motorcycle about last week..

“I want to tell you that I am very sad. At the moment, I still cannot sleep, as you will see, but I reflect a lot. I try to have empathy with those who could do this. I try to justify them, thinking that they do it out of necessity. But you know what? “I always come to the same conclusion, that I am wrong. Because it would stigmatize poverty, and being poor is not synonymous with thieves or murderers.”he reflected.

Virginia Gallardo suffered a violent robbery on a public street
Virginia Gallardo suffered a violent robbery on a public street. (Capture: Instagram)

“Being poor is synonymous with fewer opportunities, it is synonymous with the fact that everything is going to cost a little more, but whoever wants to can. Nothing justifies walking through the streets, who knows the reasons, doing something similar,” he added.

Then, he highlighted the insecurity that exists in the country: “We have to be able to tell those responsible that there is a better world, where you can leave your car parked on the street for two hours, and forget your wallet without having your window smashed to pieces, or worse still, go for a walk with your family, who They lock you up, they attack you between 7 and even taking everything they shoot you. And the list could go on”:

“Life is a moment, for good and bad. And as always, I have to say thank you, because it means that I am at home writing these lines”finished Virginia Gallardo after suffering a violent robbery.

What happened to Virginia Gallardo?

Virginia Gallardo He suffered an accident with his motorcycle while he was on his way to Little Correct (The Thirteen) and explained what happened.

The model was finally able to get to the program hosted by the Pollo Alvarez and the Chinese Leunis in The thirteen, and brought peace of mind about his health after the accident on public roads.

“I was coming to the canal and I know it’s an accident that usually happens, but a car stopped me by inches. And he got out and said to the person next to me: ‘Did you see what you made me do!’. I ended up wallowing in the canal. floor. In case anyone saw a girl lying on Libertador and Alverar, it was me.”he introduced.

I fell, it’s real, and my whole leg hurts, my buttock… I haven’t gone to the guard yet, I was late here. It was lucky, I got up quickly“explained the panelist.

I braked and there was no option for anything, I fell to the asphalt“he added Virginia Gallardoand showed that she had to be sitting in the chair Little Correct (The Thirteen) with a pillow under his leg because of the pain.

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