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Viviana Colmenero, lethal with Fernanda Iglesias for criticizing her venture: “She is brutal”


Viviana Colmenero he responded lethally to Fernanda Iglesias by criticize your candle businessand treated her like a brute.

The last time the former Big Brother stopped by LAM (America TV) She gave everyone candles from her business, and the panelist shot: “I turned it on, I turned it off, and the next day I wanted to turn it on again and the wire was all stuck inside…”

What happened between Viviana Colmenero and Fernanda Iglesias

After the debate that was generated in the program hosted by Ángel de Brito as a result of the candles, and after Matilda Blanco accused her of plagiarizing the logo, they went in search of Viviana Colmenero so that you have your right to reply.

“What an honor for me that Matilda says that I plagiarized Vivienne Westwood. She says that I plagiarized the logo… but no,” said Colmenero. And he shot Fernanda Iglesias: “He turned it on badly for sure. She is brutal… he didn’t know how to catch her. You have to treat the candle with care. You have to light it with a match, not a lighter, and then you have to relax and be intentional.“.

On the other hand, the former mantera compared the Big Brother game with the LAM panelists: “Everyone plays from their essence. The little angels also play the TV game, each one from their way of being and with the resources they have. . That’s why sometimes I think if Fernanda is bad or hurt by life.“.

After listening to Viviana, the journalist preferred to take it with humor and expressed: “In many things I am hurt by life, and I don’t know how to light candles because I am stupid. While it was lit it gave off a rich perfume, but then I couldn’t light it again.” .

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