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Wanda Nara premiered the song she wrote for Mauro Icardi, and the lyrics cause a sensation on the internet: “True love, tell me it’s not temporary”


Wanda Nara He continues to focus on consolidating his career as a singer and this Thursday he premiered his new song, “Amor Verdadero, dedicated to Mauro Icardi.

The artist was posting previews of the video clip online in the days before the release, and now she has published the complete material on YouTube.

What the lyrics of “Amor Verdadero”, Wanda Nara’s song to Mauro Icardi, say

True love is what money doesn’t buy. You know I saw you first. And I love you from January to January“, the song begins. In the clip you can see them Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi in a romantic scene in bed, and then doing different activities together.

True love, tell me that it is not temporary, that your love is true. That yours is more than I love you. But mine is true, if I’m honest, with you my life is whole. Tell me that I will always be the first“, sings the businesswoman.

I am declaring myself, I tell you speaking, I would tell you that I am desiring you. I am erasing my wounds, I am missing you and I still love you“, he expresses, and as a recitation he adds: “Now without you I don’t want anything, you have me hypnotized, I am very in love. Wanda Nara tells you

And as a surprise for the end of the video clip, The daughters of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, Francesca and Isabella, appear singing. The song quickly went viral, and Internet users on the Internet shared all kinds of memes due to the romantic and saccharine lyrics, written as poetry.

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