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Wanda Nara released a preview of her next video clip starring Mauro Icardi


Wanda Nara she is preparing for the release of her new song, which she will dedicate to her husband Mauro Icardi. On this occasion, the businesswoman will abandon the urban genre to mutate to the more romantic side of her.

As shown on his Instagram account, his new single will be called True loveand the video clip was recorded with the footballer as the protagonist of this love story.

In the same You can see the couple building a bonfire while enjoying a glass of wine under the moonlight. In addition, they show their affection through the kisses and hugs they give each other.

In the publication, he tells his followers where this idea came from: “I wrote this song and I need to share it with you now… and know who you would dedicate this to”.

Wanda Nara revived a scandal with Paris Hilton involving Mauro Icardi

Wanda Nara recently released her new song, “Money,” and dropped several hints. Apparently, some of her spicy phrases in the song are directed at Paris Hilton.

Surprisingly, Zaira Nara’s media sister crossed the American artist online and revived an old scandal involving Mauro Icardi.

Recently, Paris Hilton announced the release of a song called “Bad Bitch”“, just like the first hit of Wanda Naraand the latter crossed it with a phrase from her new single, “Money”: “You like to copy me my love“.

Wanda Nara vs. Paris Hilton
Wanda Nara vs. Paris Hilton

Vicky Braier, popularly known as Juariuwas the one who detected this confrontation on the Internet, and exposed the war that exists between businesswomen over Mauro Icardi.

Although Wanda Nara and Paris Hilton They had a good relationship It ended when in 2016 when the famous Argentine He made Mauro Icardi delete photos he had with the American businesswoman on Instagram.


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