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Zoe Bogach’s boyfriend revealed how their relationship is after seeing her distressed on Big Brother: “Seeing her cry breaks your heart”


Manuel Ibero commented on a post from the official account of Big Brother (Telefe), and he assured that he would like to receive some type of message about how their relationship is. After seeing her distressed, she also contacted Diego Poggi who was spying on the house, and let it be known that he wanted to enter it.

The thing is that everyone has a lot of time with their partners before going home, but I don’t. It’s really difficult. “Everyone somewhere has that information, but I don’t.”expressed Zoe in a talk with Virginia Demo. Hearing her distressed, her boyfriend spoke out from her official Instagram account.

In a clip shared by the official Instagram account of Big Brother where his girlfriend is seen distressed, the young man commented: “It breaks my heart to see you like this. Sorry my love. “We haven’t seen each other for almost 150 days, it’s very difficult for both of us.” And he ended: “I hope Big Brother production will let me somehow let her know that everything is fine and that I love her.”

Zoe's boyfriend made a request to the production
Zoe’s boyfriend made a request to the production

Seeing the situation, he also communicated live with Poggi, and declared: “I’m seeing you here, and seeing my girlfriend crying because we haven’t been able to see each other for 5 months, and we don’t have any contact. “I wanted to take advantage of the moment to ask the program and production to at least let me send a video.”

Manuel Ibero ended: “Something that leaves her calm, because really seeing her cry breaks your heart”. Then, Diego Poggi He tried to help him, but he quickly got off, and gave him a hint that he can return to Frozen.

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