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Zulema Yoma, explosive against Antonella Menem: “She was never my granddaughter, the DNA is wrong”


Zulema Yoma launched an explosive phrase against Antonella Menem and revived the scandal.

The former Argentine first lady gave a note to LAM (America TV) and first he talked about his bad relationship with Carlitos Nair: “I don’t want to know anything more about those people. The issue is in the hands of Justice.“.

“Is there contact with Máximo? And with Carlitos’ daughter?” he asked. Alejandro Castelochronicler of the program.

With Máximo, everything is fine. I totally don’t know Antonella, I never felt anything for her. I never felt like she was my granddaughter, the DNA that was made was not made by us“revealed explosively Zulema Yoma.

What happened between Zulema Yoma and Antonella Menem

Although Antonella Menem She was recognized by Justice as the daughter of Carlo Menem Jr., Zulema Yoma He always excluded her from his family.

Antonella is the daughter of Carlitos Menem Junior and Amalia Pinetta, but she fought for her identity for many years. It was only in 2003 when Justice recognized her as the heir of the former Argentine president, Carlos Menem, her grandfather.

One gets used to it over the years, but it cost me a lot and the issue of the last name didn’t help much. I had a pretty bad time at school. All that rejection hurt me a lot.“, Antonella expressed some time ago in In the afternoon (America TV)sad for not being able to establish a bond with his father’s family.

I had psychological traumas and I began to feel that I was to blame for all that rejection, when clearly I was not,” she added. And she shot Zulema Yoma: “I was very little and I only saw her when I had to take the DNA test. She and Zulemita never wanted me to do those tests“.

On the other hand, he recalled that Zulemita Menem He attacked her once when she went to see her grandfather at home: “He kicked me out of the car. She pulled me out of the car by the hair, she hit me, hit my friend, who had come to help me. At one point, she gets into the car because she had torn off the antenna and she hit my son who was one and a half years old. There are times when one stays silent, but now I don’t want to be silent anymore.”

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