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A former Big Brother surprised with his presence at the wedding of Carolina Amoroso and Guido Covini: the bond that unites them


Carolina Amoroso and Guido Covini got married civilly on Thursdayand on Saturday they had a big party, which was attended by a former participant of Big Brother.

Lisandro Navarro surprised when he showed himself online with his girlfriend, Miracles Leverattoat the celebration, and explained why he was invited.

Lisandro Navarro at the wedding of Carolina Amoroso and Guido Covini

Although the former Big Brother He does not have a direct link with the couple, his partner does. In dialogue with ClarionLysander explained: “Mili is Guido Covini’s second cousin. She gets along very well with him and he treated her to a plus one. So I am like the package, the one that accompanied“.

“Guido and Caro, two phenomena. I met them at the wedding, but Mili gets along very well with his cousin,” he added. “The party was very good, very nice. It started relatively early and didn’t end very late. It was really fun. We had a great time. We enjoyed it a lot,” he described Lisandro Navarro.

And he concluded: “Guido played with his band, they played cumbia songs. Then Maxi Trusso played, who was a guest. There were several journalists from TN. Everything was very delicious, we had a great time.”

Lisandro Navarro at the wedding of Carolina Amoroso and Guido Covini

Who is Guido Covini

Carolina Amoroso, journalist and host of TN, revealed in May 2023 through a photo her courtship with Guido Covinithe singer of the band Parientes.

The communicator uploaded an image to her Instagram stories where she is seen in an elevator hugging the musician, both very much in love. “I love you,” he wrote. “And I to you,” she replied.

Carolina Amoroso and her boyfriend, Guido Covini

I studied engineeringothers were interested in systems or agronomy. But music was always present. I remember that before a partial or final I would start playing to release tensions“Covini said in dialogue with The Viola. “At 10 years old I had my first Creole that continues to accompany me on trips“recalled Guido, who along with his brother Emilio, bassist, pianist and composer of the band, felt a love for music since they were children.

On his Instagram profile, the musician defines himself as: singer of Parientes, Industrial Engineer ITBA, MBA IAE (business school), swimmer and vegetarian. Among the photos that stand out of his feedyou can see several with dogs.

In dialogue with TN Show, Carolina Amoroso spoke about their romance and revealed how they met the musician. “We’ve known each other for a few months, we followed each other on Instagram and then we started talking, he invited me to lunch“, he detailed. Regarding what won her over from him, he explained: “His sensitivity. I also admire him a lot, because I really like his art.“.

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