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After an oversight, Lali Espósito confirmed her old romance with Rels B


Lali Esposito He is currently very happy in her love relationship with Pedro Rosemblat. However, months before they confirmed their romance, It was rumored that he was dating Relays Binformation that was reaffirmed by the singer herself.

A year ago, the actress was seen on several occasions with the Spanish singer, whether on vacation or at different recitals. so it began to be speculated that they were a couple. Even Daniel Heredia Vidal released his song “How did you sleep?” where she was the protagonist of the video clip based on a series of home films that made up these moments.

Although, at that time, both Lali and Rels B decided not to whitewash their relationshipthe singer confirmed that they were together while recording X Factor. This occurred as a result of the participation of a young woman whom he already knew before.

Then, in a conversation with Abraham Mateo where the microphone was left open, Espósito revealed: “It’s tremendous. He was a backup singer for Dani, from Rels B. I went out with him for a while. He sings very well. The chorus is like… I don’t know the soloist, you have to see. But big voice.”

How are Lali Espósito and Pedro Rosemblat in their relationship

Pedro Rosemblat spoke with Little Correct (El Trece), and assured that his relationship with Lali Esposito It is in perfect condition, and that last Friday morning they woke up together finding out that they were separated. Likewise, they carried out their investigations and none of them found the source of this rumor.

It all would have started since the driver would not have “liked” 3 photos in a row of Lali, and this generated discord among his followers who began to comment online about a possible love breakup between them.

The couple whitewashed their romance in February of this year, and Pedro clarified how the relationship is after speculation recently: “The truth is that it surprised me. “I don’t know very well where they came from, I think it was the Friday that we woke up together, we were having mates and we found out that we were separated.”

Furthermore, he made it clear that love was intact, and continued: “Everyone on their own began to make their inquiries, she called some friends, I too to see what happened. Very rare”.


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