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APS’s recent financial top-up saves every kroner from wealth tax


AP’s new fiscal policy spokesperson Tuva Moflag says that it is not relevant to make changes to the wealth tax that cause the state and municipalities to lose income. Photo: Javad Parsa / NTB

Of NTB | 24.04.2024 04:50:24

Policy: – I have learned that there is now one word that applies, and that is no, she adds Aftenposten.

Moflag further says that Ap is determined to keep the wealth tax, and that even if the party can make changes to it, it must also in the years to come be “at least equally profitable” and “at least equally redistributive”.

The Ministry of Finance estimates that the state and municipalities will receive NOK 30.4 billion in income in 2023. Labor will therefore not agree to changes that provide less income than the current arrangement, according to Moflag.

– We want to keep a wealth tax that contributes at least as much to welfare and is at least as redistributive today, says Moflag.

The guiding principle for Ap is that regular wage earners should be better off.

Two weeks ago, Moflag became AP’s new fiscal policy spokesperson and head of the finance committee at the Storting.

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