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Arizona’s elected officials voted to remove the 1864 abortion ban


Democrats Stephanie Stahl Hamilton (left) and Anna Hernandez hug each other after Wednesday’s majority vote to remove a 160-year-old abortion ban in Arizona. The state senate must also step in to strike down the ban to prevent it from taking effect any time soon. Photo: Ross D. Franklin / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 25.04.2024 00:52:15

Social conditions: The ban from the Civil War era was removed by 32 to 28 votes.

– The decision to have an abortion or to seek other forms of healthcare related to reproduction belongs to the patients, their families and the healthcare providers, not to politicians, said Democrat Oscar De Los Santos before the vote on Wednesday.

After the US Supreme Court removed the constitutional protection of the right to abortion, a number of states with conservative leadership have introduced strict abortion laws. In Arizona, the state’s highest court ruled earlier this month that the 160-year-old abortion ban should be revived unless elected officials intervene.

Even if the Democrats were to succeed in getting the ban lifted, there would still be restrictions. In 2022, Republicans in the state passed a law banning abortion after the 15th week of pregnancy.

In parallel with the fight against the 1864 law, Democrats are working to get a referendum in November to restore abortion rights in the state.

Governor Katie Hobbs – from the Democrats – has promised to give her formal approval if both chambers of the state assembly agree to remove the abortion ban. She has used the term “extremists” for Republicans who want to keep it.

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