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Blinken says that the US has not participated in any attacks against Iran


Foreign Minister Antony Blinken says that the US has not participated in any offensive operations. Here during a press conference on Capri after the G7 meeting on Friday. Photo: Gregorio Borgia / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 19.04.2024 15:33:04

Policy: During a G7 meeting on Capri in Italy, he will not answer questions about explosions in Iran and reports that Israel carried out a retaliatory action on the night of Friday.

– I will not comment on alleged incidents. All I can say on behalf of the USA, and on behalf of our G7 partners, is that we are concerned with tapering off, said Blinken at a press conference.

– The US has not been involved in any offensive operations, he added.

The Italian foreign minister, Antonio Tajani, had previously said that the US had been informed in advance, but he did not say by whom and under what circumstances.

Reports of an alleged retaliatory attack dominated the G7 meeting, but little of the debate has been released to the public. The communiqué only states that, based on the reports of attacks, the G7 urges the parties to refrain from further escalation.

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