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Bothheim wins the match after “Tokki” lost his head: – Ridiculous


Djurgården’s Tokmac Nguen received a red card against Malmö. Photo: Magnus Lejhall / TT / NTB

Of NTB | 25/04/2024 21:13:00

Sport: – It was a very tough match with a high temperature. We knew it was margins that would decide it,” Bothheim told Discovery, continuing:

– It’s delicious. Overtime scoring away to Djurgården, does it get any better than that?

The match caught fire in the final minutes with a Norwegian on each team in the main roles.

It was in the 82nd minute of the game at 0-0 that the Norwegian attacker was on his way through, but was stopped by Malmö defender Derek Cornelius, who cheered unrestrainedly over Nguen.

Nguen responded by running down the Canadian and was quickly shown the red card. The winger’s hockey tackle also led to big tumults between the teams, but in the end “Tokki” stumbled down the player’s tunnel and into the dressing room.

– He should have kept a cool head. You can’t be so angry that you react like that. It’s just unnecessary to put the team in this situation, said Discovery’s Swedish commentator.

– Incredibly stupid, he added.

And it would prove to be fateful for the hosts. Ten minutes later, Bothheim scored the match-winner three minutes into extra time.

In March, Nguen transferred from Hungarian Ferencváros to Djurgården, where he has scored two goals in four games.

Botheim also transferred to Malmö in February. So far, he has six goals and two assists in nine games for the blue shirts.

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