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– Came as a shock


Former Sogndal player Andreas van der Spa must retire. Photo: Christian Blom / NTB

Of NTB | 19.04.2024 13:13:46

Sport: Eliteserieklubben informs about the decision on their websites Friday.

It says that van der Spa was to undergo what was previously thought to be a simple knee operation. It turned out not to be.

– The conversation with the doctor afterwards was discouraging – and it was natural for me to get a few more points of view. Therefore, some of the leading experts in this country have come up with their conclusions. It’s just crawling to the cross and quitting top football, says the Sandefjord player in a statement.

He does not hide that the realization has been hard to swallow.

– It has of course been heavy on lead, and I have been completely in the basement. I haven’t been able to be up at Jotun Arena at all, and I’ve simply escaped the country. Once I’ve calmed down, it’s clear that I don’t want to risk anything, says van der Spa.

The message he received from the doctors was crystal clear. More top football could have caused lasting damage.

– When I received the “sentence” it came as a shock. I had no problems when I came to Sandefjord, says the northerner.

In the new year, however, he felt that something was wrong with his knee.

The defender was brought in as a replacement after captain Sander Moen Foss disappeared to Lillestrøm. He was intended for a central role in Sandefjord after the transfer from Sogndal.

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