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Cande Ruggeri announced that she is marrying Nicolás Maccari: “The proposal I waited for the most”


Cande Ruggeri confirmed with an Instagram post who is going home to her daughter’s father, Nicolas Maccariand announced it with a beautiful photo of the two of them showing the luxurious ring that her partner gave her.

“I finally received the proposal I had been waiting for the most”confirmed Ruggeri on her social network, and let us remember that they both became parents of Vita at the beginning of 2023. Likewise, she revealed that she always wanted to marry him, and the day finally came.

Cande Ruggeri is getting married
Cande Ruggeri gets married (screenshot @caleruggeri)

Finally, various celebrities commented on the publication of Cande Ruggeri as was the case of Barby Franco, Eva Bargiela, and Nati Jota They commented with hearts. For her part, Virginia Gallardo wrote to him: “Congratulations”.

When was Cande Ruggeri and Nicolás Maccari’s daughter born?

On Monday, January 9, 2023, Cande Ruggeri gave birth to Vita Maccari RuggerYoher first daughter with the businessman Nicolas Maccariwith whom he has been in a relationship for four years.

As indicated Radio Miter and confirmed the journalist Pampito, Vita Maccari Ruggerigranddaughter of Oscar Ruggeri, was born at the Austral Hospital, around 8 p.m. on Monday night and weighed 2,700 kilos.

Cande Ruggeri and Nicolas Maccari pregnancy announcement
Cande Ruggeri and Nicolas Maccari pregnancy announcement

Months ago, Cande Ruggeri and her boyfriend, to whom she got engaged, announced the name they decided on for their daughter and explained the reason: “Vita Maccari Ruggeri. The day has finally come when they know the chick’s name. We chose it with your dad with lots of love. It means life and we fell in love with it. We already love you, there’s less and less to get to know you!” said the influencer at that time.

Who is Nicolás Maccari, Cande Ruggeri’s future husband?

Nicolas Maccari it’s a sports businessmanowner of Marketing & Content and member of Pass Booka football social network that connects players, intermediaries and institutions from around the world.

Cande Ruggeri and Nicolas Maccari
Cande Ruggeri and Nicolas Maccari

“Initiated in football at River Plate, Club Atlético Tigre and Club Platense, he took the step as a professional in Spain. There he decided to study administration of sports entities, with the aim of preparing for life after football. Upon returning to Argentina in 2017, added to his training a specialization in Sports Marketing and Sponsorship”, indicates the Pass Book site.

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