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Carlos Tevez was hospitalized for severe chest pain and his health is worrying


Carlos Tevez He was hospitalized after severe chest pain, and is out of danger, but will remain under medical examination for a few more hours as they want to rule out any type of danger to his body. He was admitted to the Sanatorio de la Trinidad located in San Isidro.

What happened to Carlos Tevez?

Although it was You look who approached the sanatorium from the club reported: “Our coach, Carlos Tevez, entered the La Trinidad Sanatorium in San Isidro with chest pain. They carried out the corresponding studies and they were satisfactory. Tomorrow (today) it will continue with a series of exams scheduled in advance as part of a general check-up that is usually carried out.”

Minutes later they reposted the message, and added: “Carlos Tevez will be hospitalized as a precaution until the corresponding studies are completed.”

Although, it was only a pain in the chest, and studies were already scheduled from the Sanatorium and they reported that they did not rule out the possibility of a pre-infarction, and in turn the strong pain in the chest that he felt was due to “stress.”

Santiago Sposatonotary of LAM (America TV) He explained that “the studies would have been good, and that Teves would spend the night hospitalized, and he himself will decide to come back early or not,” and he concluded: “The health professionals will follow the case closely”:

Finally, Carlos Tevez He will continue to command the Avellaneda club until his contract ends, and he does not want to waste time since Argentine soccer returns on May 12 and a new hope awakens for Independiente.

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