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World Snooker Championship | Intense battle during final frame – Kyren Wilson wins after black ball game


The last frame finally had everything you hope a World Cup final would offer. Wilson got the first chance in The Crucible, but was unable to build a big break. That passed the turn to Jones, who seemed to run away with it. Seemed… because he couldn’t finish it either.

There was clearly tension on the cue, because Wilson stranded on the green ball and from that moment on things could go either way. Balls were pocketed, but also missed. Snookers were put on the table, as were breakaways.


World Snooker Championship | Kyren Wilson takes big steps towards world title – 7-1 lead against Jak Jones

Jones comes a little closer

Wilson seemed on his way to winning this important seventeenth frame, with a margin of five as a bonus. But things went wrong on the regular black ball, after which an encore followed. All in all we saw 25 minutes of intense snooker, the outcome of which had major consequences.

Jones felt confident enough to go for the double, but he should not have done that. It was close, very close, but the black ball remained on the table and so Wilson could do himself a great favor with a long pot. No sooner said than done. Wilson tapped in black.


World Snooker Championship | Monotonous final – Kyren Wilson takes 6-0 lead with second Century Break

Wilson finally taps in the last black ball

He no longer had to worry about position on the next ball, but could instead pump his fist at his family. Not to celebrate that he had become world champion, but in the realization that he had just taken a big step towards his first crown in Sheffield.

Nothing has been decided yet, but what is certain is that the countdown to the 18 has begun for Wilson, while Jones, although making the score slightly more bearable, is still in big trouble.


World Snooker Championship | Kyren Wilson opens final with Century Break – clears the table for 129 points


The party in The Crucible is almost over, but don’t worry: you’ve come to the right snooker place next season too. So don’t miss a thing about the 2024-2025 season via Eurosport and discovery+! Also follow our channel WhatsApp.

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