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Carmen Barbieri defended Guillermo Francella after his statements in favor of Javier Milei’s government: “It is unfair”


Carmen Barbieri driver of Mañanísima (El Trece) spoke about the criticism they made to Guillermo Francella about his support for the measures of Javier Milei. For their part, actors like Esteban Lamothe, Erica Rivas, María Valenzuela, among others were the actors who harshly criticized him.

What did Carmen Barbieri say about Guillermo Francella?

“I am uncertain about seeing when the drinking ends and seeing when we begin to enjoy these measures more. They were more than necessary, it was known that there was going to be a major surgery, they said it in the campaign and they strictly complied with it.”were the words of the actor.

During the coverage of the Platino Awards, and in the context of an interview with Joaquín Furriel, they asked him about the topic of politics: “I have my opinion and I respect Guillermo’s opinion, it is his way of evaluating at this moment.”

It was at that moment, that Barbieri He launched: “He is a great worker, a great actor, he is a star and he has the right to give his opinion and speak freely, but he is not against our culture.” And I add: “His colleagues gave him a lot and very hard. And you know what? I don’t like that at all. It seems to me that it disjoins. “I don’t like anything they give to Francella.”

“I am not against the people who spoke against him or who are against Francella’s opinion. “I’m not against anyone, I’m giving my opinion and I’m saying that it’s unfair that they give Francella,” he clarified.

Finally, Carmen Barbieri hill: ““He is a man who could have left Argentina and who could live in Spain earning fortunes being a star.”

What did Eika Rivas say about Guillermo Francella?

Erica Rivas talked about Guillermo Francella’s support for Javier Milei 100 days after starting his mandateand it was blunt.

The actress generated repercussions for her statements in the Radio Miter cycle The world is fixedwhere he expressed: “The only thing I can tell you is that it doesn’t surprise me because I know how Guillermo thinks.“.

He is a person who thinks on that side, I can only say this. I’m not surprised. He is consistent with everything, even with what he chooses to do and the communication he decides to have with the people who see him and enjoy him as an actor. I think it’s something very interesting to think about what an actor is like and what an actor does,” he continued.

“That is something that I fought all the time because a lot of things happened, even when I came out of the feminist closet. They told me things, that ‘the actress has to shut up and she has to play her role and that’s it’, as if that were our job“, he exemplified Erica Rivas.

And he concluded bluntly: “Here I think it is important, it is interesting to think about what our work is. This is our job. For me, as an artist, it is reflecting ideas. And well, He has these, which are his ideas, the ones that were always“.

What did Esteban Lamothe say about Guillermo Francella?

Esteban Lamothe shot at Guillermo Francella in LAM (America TV), and criticized the lack of empathy that the renowned actor has with his fellow actors. Likewise, he stressed that he is clear about the teaching that he wants to leave to his son.

For its part, it is worth highlighting that Francella days ago had supported the measures taken by Javier Milei, in which it involves the cut of the INCAA, and a possible sale of the Gaumont Cinema. This caused several of his acting colleagues to speak out against his statements.

In an interview with LAM (America TV), The actor spoke out and commented: “I respect Francella as an actor, I know that he is an eminence, an entity, and not only must he have a lot of money in his bank account. But he must also have all the love of the people, that is worth much more than all the money he has.”

Likewise, he stressed: “I don’t think Guillermo Francella has a problem putting gas in his car, or even buying at the supermarket. I don’t have a problem either, but I don’t come out to support a government that is shitting on the art of culture, and I think he comes from there separately. It seems to me that he should have a little more sensitivity with colleagues.”

Finally, Esteban Lamothe ended the interview: ““I do not agree at all with Guillermo Francella, and I support Julieta Silberberg as well as Nancy Dupláa.”. And he closed: “That’s the only thing I can tell you, and I have no desire to confront him. He is free, and there is a microphone to say anything.”

What did Nancy Dupláa say about Guillermo Francella?

So, there are ‘Francellas’ who earn a lot of money and who have many opportunities and who do very well, and there are others who don’t even give them a shirt when they go to record for a gig.“, he stated. (Video: capture Instagram @pampitook)

“From there, it seems to me that We all have to be a little more empathetic, more compassionate with what we say because of this fierce inequality that exists. It’s not from now. Now it has deepened with the ups and downs of our economy and our reality, but it always existed,” he said. Nancy Duplaa.

Finally, Pablo Echarri’s partner expressed sharply: “You have to have some responsibility. In this case, He said what he believes and it is right and he trusts in that, but he trusts in a model that is closing the INCAA, who is making many decisions that affect our group and those who have the least.

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