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Coty Romero’s dog was attacked while he was on Big Brother


The sister of Coty Romero shared some photos of his dog, who lives in the Province of Corrientes under the care of his entire family.

While the Corrientes is found in Big Brother (Telefe), Camila Romero revealed the attack that her pet suffered in the last few hours: “I upload the images of our dog Teo. At first glance he cannot be seen, but he has shotgun pellets all over his body that do not allow him to move. “He is now being treated by a veterinarian.”

In this way, he showed his anger through his Instagram account: “But we really can’t believe how far people’s evil can go. It’s amazing what a son of a bitch you have to be to do that to a poor animal. An animal that is super affectionate, doesn’t bother anyone. “All he does is defend his house by barking.”

Coty Romero's sister about the attack on her dog
Coty Romero’s sister about the attack on her dog

For this reason, she asked for the collaboration of her people to help her find the possible culprit of mercilessly attacking her dog: “Please if anyone knows or saw anything about it, write to me privately”.

How much would Coty Romero earn for being a Big Brother participant?

Coty Romerowho participated in the previous edition of Big Brother (Telefe) and now he is doing it again after entering the Golden Ticketwould charge a monthly fee to remain inside the house thanks to his audience.

The woman from Corrientes went to the plate twice since she returned to the reality show, and her fandom showed that she has support abroad after being saved in both galas with positive votes.

As is public knowledge, staying in the house and the competition leaves a benefit for all participants, beyond the large prize that only the winner will win.

Coty Romero in Big Brother
Coty Romero in Big Brother

As announced Santiago del Morothe host of the program, Coty would receive the same monthly salary as his colleagues despite having joined later as a “ex-sister”. In this way, the participants They would have a salary of 300,000 pesos.


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