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Darío Martínez Corti warned the house of the risks of Arturo generating attachment to Chino


Arthur entered yesterday Big Brother (Telefe) and created a great bond with Martin Ku. However, the attachment that was created between them is such that Darío Martínez Corti fears that the dog will get used to it.

So, he decided to start a conversation with the member of the Bros and give him a recommendation: “Being around the Chinese for a long time generates a lot of attachment. “I’m afraid he’ll get jealous, that will escalate a bit and there are dogs that bite.”

“Since on the first day he is growling because they approach you, the alpha male.”, because to the dog you are that. “You would have to take him out and have him be with everyone so he knows there is a pack,” he expressed his greatest fear.

How was Arturo’s entry into the Big Brother house?

Prior to that moment, Santiago del Moro He had published on his networks that someone of the male gender was entering today, and everyone began to speculate that it could be a new participant or the same dog in the house. As soon as the program began, the host expressed the emotional news: “The house is going to serve as a shelter, a transit home, and if none of the kids want to keep it, I’ll keep it.”

Then, Big Brother He presented it through a video and told what his story was like since he was little: “Arturo is a greyhound mix dog, just over a year old. From a very young age he was mistreated by his owners, who made him participate in clandestine races and used him for hunting. One day they decided to abandon him. A few weeks ago he was found in a open field in the city of Bragado and had not eaten for several years and was in deplorable conditions.

“Arturo was rescued and our veterinarian performed several clinical studies on him. Today I open the doors of my house to him so that the participants can take care of him and give him the love he needs so much. Without a doubt, he will be in charge of returning him. Arturo, very welcome to Gran Brother”, he detailed.

The new dog entered the house in the middle of the Frozen so that he can recognize his new place for the moment, and the players were moved by the situation. Paloma Mendez She was the first to get emotional and burst into tears since the moment reminded her of her pet.

Arturo entered through the front door a little scared, but little by little he got used to the environment. Big Brother He gave them the order to try not to scare him so that he would gain confidence, and the first to approach was Bautista Mascia. Juliana Furia Scaglione was the one who did the same thing second, and then Martin Ku He approached to give him food with the guidance of Big.

The Supreme He also showed the dog’s story to the participants inside the house as they had already done with the audience, and everyone became excited again.

As the hours pass, The Chinese and Paloma They were the ones who clung the most to him and vice versa, and they played not only inside the house, but also in the yard. At one point, both participants took the dog outside and Arthur He started jumping for joy.

Notably, Arthur entered the house to fill the participants with love and joy, and they will have a new companion until the end of the edition of Big Brother (Telefe). Time will tell if someone chooses to adopt him and give him the happy life he deserves.


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