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El Nueve will premiere a new program hosted by Agustina Kämpfer and Juan Di Natale


The nine continues to seek to reschedule its grid and now it has been confirmed that it will have a new program (The caste is in order) in prime time of the weekend with the driving of Agustina Kämpfer and Juan DiNatale.

When does the program Caste is in Order premiere?

The channel of October Group announced that starting Saturday, April 27, it will hit the screen ‘Caste is in order’a program that was titled as “political humor returns.”

Caste is in order - El Nueve
The caste is in order. (Capture: El Nueve).

The cycle would have a style similar to PPT (Periosmo for all – El Trece) conducted by Jorge Lanata. It will be produced by Flight Productions with the general direction of Alejandro Korol and the creative and content participation of Adrian Korol.

What is ‘Caste is in Order’ about?

According to what is said, it will be a cycle with an aesthetic and scenery similar to a streaming format, where the hosts will carry out humorous content with different sections about the most important things of the week, interviews, among other things.

The caste is in order - El Nueve 2
The caste is in order. (Capture: El Nueve).

On the other hand, there will be sketches with imitations of politicians. The imitators are already confirmed Emiliano Senas, Laura Bruni and Martín Bilyk. The three were part of the political humor of PPT Journalism For All and Showmatch, on the screen of El Trece.

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