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El Pollo Álvarez will be the new host of La Jaula de la Moda, replacing Horacio Cabak


Horacio Cabak will no longer be the host of La Jaula de la Moda (Ciudad Magazine) because the production decided to remove him from the teamand it was confirmed that El Pollo Alvarez It will be your replacement with all the details.

Who will host La Jaula de la Moda?

Through your X account, Cabak advertisement: “The best for Pollo Álvarez at the head of La Jaula de la Moda. Nobility obliges, the only one who still uses the telephone to communicate.”

Horacio Cabak announced that El Pollo Álvarez will be his replacement in La Jaula de la Moda
Horacio Cabak announced that El Pollo Álvarez will be his replacement in La Jaula de la Moda. (Capture: X)

Furthermore, his own Alvarez assured in Intruders (America TV) who will be the head of the program. “I’m going to host La Jaula de la Moda. This closed yesterday. I’m really very happy. I really want to start”he expressed.

Regarding the start date, he revealed: “I understand that it will be May 6, but the date is not confirmed. It is most likely that it will be that. It happens to be my birthday.”

On the other hand, he said that he was able to speak with Cabak and detailed: “I was able to talk to Horacio. The best, he was very good to me, very generous, he gave me a very good vibe, so I appreciate it.”

“We will start in a few days, happy and happy with the team. I also spoke with Medina Florez and I still need to speak with Claudia Cosano,” ended El Pollo Alvareznew driver The Fashion Cage (Ciudad Magazine).

What happened to Horacio Cabak in La Jaula de la Moda

Horacio Cabak targeted against the production of The Fashion Cage (Ciudad Magazine) by leave him out of the program after 12 years and safe: “I didn’t quit.”

The issue was revived following the statements of Fabián Medina Flores in Intruders (America TV)where he hinted that there had been disagreements between the driver and the production for some time: “I think I must be the only one who wants it… With the production there is not much dialogue.”

Given this, Karina Iavicoli communicated with Horacio Cabakwho expressed about his situation with the program: “I finished my contract on December 31. We never spoke (with production) again. They agreed to call me…“.

Regarding whether his new job in LN+ is not compatible with The Fashion Cagebe sincere: “I have no idea, I have no limitations from La Nación and I did not have an exclusivity contract in La Jaula. Their decision. Nobody has known anything for a month. The situation, there is nothing gray about it. They will have to explain it, I don’t I resigned, I arranged with La Nación for the freedom to do The Fashion Cage“.

“Every time an interesting possibility came to me I said yes, but I never left a program. When I left a program it was because the program ended, because the contract ended, or when they kicked me out, like in Controversy at the Bar “had raised at the beginning of March in dialogue with LAM (America TV).

“I don’t know what it’s like to give up. I fulfilled all my contracts. I’ll never give up on you. I didn’t give up on The Fashion Cage. When they called me from LN+, they asked me for exclusivity, and I asked them to continue with The Fashion Cage. if we don’t compete, and they told me ‘you’re right'”he added.

Previously, when the rumor of his supposed resignation from the series came out, he had said in communication with Midnight Moskita (La Once Diez / City Radio): “My contact with Ciudad Magazine always ends in mid-December, and in February we renewed it, I think that in 15 days I will meet to see how we put it together, I did not resign“.

“The proposals I have this year are luckily complementary, so I want to do everything, move forward with all my projects. I did not present any resignation to La Jaula de la Moda, my idea is to host the program that is entering its thirteenth season “he claimed Horacio Cabak.

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