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Empty for Grandiosa in several places – store introduces rationing


The price war has led to empty shelves – soon there will be replenishment, the discount chains promise. Photo: Tore Meek / NTB

Of NTB | 24.04.2024 13:31:03

Economy and business: In the shop, notices about rationing on the so-called folk pizza were posted on Tuesday afternoon. For now, the store is still out of the classic variant, but new supplies are on their way from the factory in Stranda.

– It has been done in the best sense, because they saw that they were about to run out, and for the sake of the customers they then chose to set a limit. But in general we don’t want to set restrictions, says communications manager Nora Mile Helgesen at Kiwi The daily newspaper.

She says most stores receive frozen goods two or three times a week.

– While we have, among other things, a long-term campaign on salmon, spinach, salad and wholemeal bread, a competitor has a short-term weekly offer on Grandiosa. We have promised the customers that we will always be the cheapest of the low-price chains, and then we lower the price by the same amount or more in the same period, she says.

It was the discount chain Extra that lowered the price first – then the others have followed.

– Although we are of course concerned with attracting new customers, this is at least as much about giving our existing customers the cheapest shopping basket, says communications director Harald Kristiansen at Coop.

The price is just over NOK 20 for the cheapest variant.

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