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Evangelina Anderson’s drastic change of look that revolutionized the internet


Evangelina Anderson went to the hair salon to darken her hair, and decided share the process with your followers. In the photos, they are seen from behind with their hair a little darker than usual, and in the second photo she showed some strands of hair, referring to the fact that she cut the ends.

Evangelina Anderson change of look
Evangelina Anderson change of look (screenshot @evangelinaanderson)

The jury of the 8 million steps was encouraged to change her look thanks to the insistence of her hairdresser Cristian Rey. In his second story, he called on his followers to vote: “Do you want to see how it turned out on me? “.

Evangelina Anderson change of look 1
Evangelina Anderson change of look (Screenshot @evangelinaanderson)

Finally, Evangelina Anderson He posted his new look hours later, and accompanied the video with a “Good day”, from the advisor of your building.

Why doesn’t Evangelina Anderson stay in the country?

Evangelina Anderson was answering the questions of his followers on Instagramand surprised everyone by saying that his home is not in Argentina, but that his life is in Europe.

The woman of Martin Demichelis is in the country since he himself is directing the River Plate Athletic Club, and assured that her life is where her husband leads. However, where she has all her things is in the Spanish city.

Evangelina Anderson and her stay in the country
Evangelina Anderson and her stay in the country

“Do you plan to stay here permanently?”, one of his followers asked him. And he answered: “No. My house (where I have everything) is in Marbella.”

Finally, Evangelina Anderson hill: “And as everyone knows, the life of a football coach consists of living wherever his profession takes us.”

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