Wednesday, May 29, 2024 kicked out 7,000 users last year


Of NTB | 20.04.2024 03:13:07

Economy and business: This is what’s press contact, Linda Glomlien, says. to Nettavisen.

She emphasizes that there are many reasons why a user can be banned and says that many of those who were banned had their accounts re-opened afterwards.

– The most common reason why someone is banned is what we have chosen to call “fraud”. There are several different forms of fraud, but this is the worst in the cases where we see users being created with the intention of deceiving someone else, says Glomlien.

She says buyers and sellers on Finn usually get several warnings before they are shut out.

– We have a separate team that works with consumer safety, and we ban users who commit criminal offenses in connection with buying and selling on Finn, or users who receive several complaints, says the communications advisor.

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