Thursday, May 23, 2024

Florencia de la V exploded against the Government of Javier Milei: “We have to adjust, when they don’t”


Florence of the V he got into the crack of the actors over politicsand took the opportunity to make a harsh defense against the Government of Javier Milei.

After listening Dolores Fonzi’s statements against Guillermo Francellathe driver of Intruders (America TV) He took a few minutes to talk about the enmity between artists, generated by politics.

What Florencia de la V said about the Government

“It is happening that we are confronted. If I give my opinion I am confronted for thinking differently, and here the problem is different. The enormous, criminal and sad problem is what Argentine culture is experiencing. From public education onwards. That is what is criminal, that hurts and hurts“, he expressed V flower.

“There are many things that need to be improved, but I don’t think closing everything and defunding is the way. In the INCAA things were done wrong, but let’s audit, see, throw out and imprison those who correspond, but with complaints and foundations, not with shelving as is happening“he asked.

“It is sad that we are living the present that we are living. I hope that something changes, because with this thing of adjusting and adjusting, and that we have to adjust, when they don’t… we saw it in Congress with the senators. We saw when Manuel Adorni and Karina Milei’s salaries were increased… We have to resist, what about them? Not everything is measured with the same yardstick“, she concluded annoyed Florence of the V against the Government.

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