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Entry into operation of the Via 4 Caminos system; as if the traffic


The Sistema Vial Cuatro Caminos, considered as the magnificent obra del gobierno de Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís en La Laguna, por las dimensions y el significado en términos de movilidad and infraestructura, was inaugurated ayer tras concludedirse 45 days antes de lo previsto.

The total cost of 518 million pesos (505 más 13 de obras complementarias) was covered by the claims of the Impuesto Sobre Nómina (ISN), and at the end of its business, the financial compromise ended with the constructors that were ejected, Alfa y Rotugra.

“There are one of the most important compromises of my gobierno, with a great inversion with dinero de coaiilenses“, says Riquelme Solís, although ISN’s shipments combine one of the main objects, which are the financing of objects like the Sistema Vial that, secondly, will be cataloged as one of the best at national level.

The governor, accompanied by the elector governor, Manolo Jiménez Salinas; The alcalde, Román Alberto Cepeda González and Eduardo Murra Marcos, president of the Administrative Council of the Cimaco Group, lit the alumbrado and developed the placa del Sistema Vial ayer por la manana, tended to wait until 5:00 p.m. circulation.

The holder of the Secretaría de Infrastructura, Desarrollo Urbano y Movilidad (Sidum)Miguel Ángel Algara, explained that the Vial System will have a favorable impact on causing a stable flow and continues in the intersections of Independence with Avila Camacho and Cuauhtémoc, and Avila Camacho with Diagonal Reforma and Cuauhtémoc, for which transit more than 70 thousand vehicles diariamente.

This is thanks to the construction of the object in 850 meters of length with the lower step in four quarries, which is located in 230 pieces of concrete pilots, “anyone who can rise between 40 and 60 pilots or columns, is our idea of ​​magnitude“, indicated.

Miguel Ángel Algara said he was building a complicated construction system, based on these pilots, in an unstable area due to the presence of gravel-arena, where there were problems at the time of cementing, Therefore, you will have a greater depth to meet with another firm.

In total, 120 thousand meters of excavations were carried out, pilot drilling of more than 16.5 kilometers; 436 pieces of reforzadas, 2 mil 420 tons of reforzed steel, central bar mil 200 linear meters; painting of trabes and wall of cempanel in 21 mil 251 meters squared.

There are 74 post lights and 206 pieces of lights inside the viaduct.; 100,000 meters of banquets and 4 semi-finished crucifixes, a 240,000 liter rainwater pump and an electricity plant for every power failure, plus 57,000 meters of asphalt carpet.

While the lineal park will be built near the Cuatro Caminos shopping center, on the upper side, it will be designed for its construction and maintenance.

The governor Riquelme Solís says that security and economic development are given priority in Coahuila, and that Torreón has an industrial, commercial and tourist trough.

The alcalde Román Alberto Cepeda said that “molestias son parciales, pero el beneficio es para toda la vida. Hoy Torreón está cambiando, hay un antes y un después”.

Destacó the importance of investing in infrastructure, “think in Torreón and work all the time, 24 hours of the day to log the city you are in question”, because he expressed his approval to the governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme.

Eduardo Murra Marcos, president of the Administrative Council of the Cimaco Group, expressly confirmed the decision to accept that the system was in good condition, signaling that it was well planned.

By his side, the elected governor, Manolo Jiménez Salinas, accepted the invitation to stand at the inauguration of this very important object for Torreón and La Laguna.

“We want to have other great objects by Torreón and La Laguna”, congratulated the governor Riquelme for his birthday, but also for his work, and signaled that in 2024 he would be working in “equip with all”.

During this week, it will be in contact with one of the 45 elements of the Urban Transportation and Transportation Department, to guide motorists.


To build the system, you can use it, among others:

* 1,230 pilots.

* 436 pieces of reforzadas.

* 2,420 tons of refuerzo steel.

* 1,200 linear meters from central barrera.

* 21,251 meters squared with paintwork and wall walls.

Situation simulation with SV4C

This is important to note:

* An 85% goes to the 4 squares of oriented and oriented to oriented, for the Independencia building.

* The Ávila Camacho shoe will be on its own from north to south, with 6 racks; If you cancel your access to Calle 12, you will have to return to Banamex.

* Access by the slope to the Cuatro Caminos station.

* From oriente à poniente por bulevar Independencia, frente a Centro Comercial Cuatro Caminos.

* From south to north, for Río Lerma has a coast of Cuatro Caminos, to incorporate the building from oriente to poniente.

* From the direction of the Independencia street, cross the street at Calle 12, Ávila Camacho and Diagonal Reforma.

* Calzada Cuauhtémoc de sur a norte, crucero semaforizado hacia el bulevar Independencia de poniente a oriente, o para seguir recto.

* Eliminación de la vuelta a la izquierda hacia la calle Sertoma por bulevar Independencia de poniente a oriente; expand the viability to enable a second road to be accessed on Calle Comonfort, by building independence from orientation to location.

* Return authorization for Calle Zacatecas from side to side.

* Elimination of views on the road and the road directly from the Independence street in Calles Mónaco and Río Balsas; continue at the intersection with Calles Washington and Río Grijalva.

* Protected road safety by Guadalquivir hacia Cuauhtémoc.

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