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ESPN Wouldn’t Replay Nick Chubb Injury, Showed Damar Hamlin’s

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On Monday night, Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb suffered a serious knee injury that is going to cost the Pro Bowl tailback the remainder of his 2023 season.

During the broadcast, ESPN refused to replay the injury given how gruesome it was, as Chubb’s knee basically bent in the opposite direction that it was supposed to go.

“I am told that the replay of Nick Chubb getting injured is not to be seen,” Buck announced on the air.

However, as commentators Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were harping on the network’s moral duty to not replay the injury, NFL fans began to wonder why they didn’t have the same delicate touch when it came to Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest earlier this year.

Hamlin, of course, suffered from cardiac arrest and had to be given CPR on the field during a Monday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals in early 2023. Thankfully, the 25-year-old has since recovered and made the Bills’ 53-man roster for the 2023 season.

As for Chubb, while the specific extent of his injury has not been confirmed, Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski said after the game that he’ll be sidelined for the rest of the season.

Making matters worse for the Browns is that — unlike the Jets the previous week, who were able to rally for the win despite losing Aaron Rodgers — they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 26-22.

Chubb wasn’t the only NFL player to suffer a serious injury on Monday night, as Carolina Panthers veteran linebacker Shaq Thompson was also carted off with an ankle injury in the game between the Panthers and New Orleans Saints.

In fact, recent Monday Night Football matchups have been so marred by injury that fans are beginning to wonder if it’s cursed. Prior to Chubb and Thompson going down, Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles last week, Hamlin suffered from cardiac arrest in the final MNF game of last season, and Kyler Murray tore his ACL the week before that.

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