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Aaron Rodgers Reacts To Jets Benching Zach Wilson ‘I Have Some Personal Guilt’

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Aaron Rodgers is chiming in on the Zach Wilson situation in New York.

Earlier this week, Jets head coach Robert Saleh announced Wilson would be benched and relegated to third-string QB after he failed to complete a pass to a wide receiver in the team’s blowout loss to the Bills.

Saleh told the media that he’s trying to shake things up to see if something can change within the stagnant offense.

“Obviously, Zach, it’s not all him, but there are some things that he needs to be better at and this is just another situation to see if we can give another guy an opportunity, see if something can change”

Aaron Rodgers, who went down with an injury in the first game of the season, appeared on the Pat McAfee show and said he feels guilty about Wilson’s situation.

“I do think he still has a bright future in the league, this has been a tough go for all of us…This is not how any of us thought this was gonna go dowm, it was me and my show, Zach getting to learn and watch it first hand and not have the pressure to go out there and play and so obviously this is disappointing and I have some personal guilt around the whole thing/

” I’m p-ssed that I wasn’t able to play…if I was out there, I feel like I would be playing well, there would be different narratives around our team, Zach would have had the opportunity to learn and grow without the pressure on him this season.”

It’s currently unclear what will happen with Wilson if Rodgers comes back to play this season.

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