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Sander Schimmelpennick quits X: ‘I have better things to do’ | Media

Sander Schimmelpenninck has announced that he will stop using X. The journalist, who was very active on the platform for a long time, shared on Monday evening his last message. He says he no longer feels like “threats and slander.”

“As long as Twitter does not respect and enforce our democratic laws, this is just an extreme right-wing message board, run by a scary lunatic,” Schimmelpenninck writes. “Besides, I’ve got better damn things to do, right?”

Monday evening was the last episode of Sander versus the socials to see. The presenter examines, among other things, the influence of social media on declining confidence in democracy. Schimmelpenninck also looked at his own experiences with hateful messages and threats.

The presenter previously said in a conversation with NU.nl that he was considering quitting the medium. “It is honestly one of the greatest dangers of our time. I am now a father, and I no longer feel like throwing myself to the lions. To fight the thankless fight. The loss is greater than the gain: tweeting is costing me more than it yields anything.”

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