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Inés Palombo suffered a terrible accident in Abu Dhabi: “I don’t remember anything because I fainted”


Ines Palomboher husband, Nicolás Ugarte, and their son Felipe, just two years old, suffered a terrible accident in Abu Dhabi while they were in their car.

The actress was missing from social media for a while, but now she returned and told how the dream trip she had planned with her family turned into a nightmare.

What happened to Inés Palombo

“We were going to visit Abu Dhabi and ended up sleeping in a hospital. Shortly after getting on the highway, a guy hit us from behind at almost 100km/h. I screamed and instinctively threw myself to protect Feli (I was sitting in the back with him and wearing a belt, thank God), and from there I don’t remember anything because I fainted“he said.

“I found out later that both cars lost control, we spun and the other car overturned. Police, ambulances and what you see; rib fracture, hospitalized for 24 hours and several pains that will accompany me for some weeks. “I thank life that it was just that, injuries that hurt but heal,” he continued. Ines Palombo.

“We missed knowing several things that interested us a lot, but we are left with the fact that we are relatively well and we still have a lot to know. Thanks to this team that accompanied me with a lot of love (Now I’m better, in pain but we can continue our trip, calmer but always enjoying and being grateful),” rescued the artist.

“All the love and good vibes that you send comes, just as we appreciate that you accompany us on this adventure that is so important to us,” he concluded. Ines Palombo on Instagram along with a video where he portrayed his days in the hospital, and also how his car and that of the person who caused the accident were left.

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