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It was known who will replace Nacho Otero in El Club del Moro: “The happiness I have is incredible”


Nacho Otero will leave The Moor’s Club (The 100) for drive Up Argentines (El Trece) with Valeria Sampedroand it was known who will replace him.

Who will replace Nacho Otero in El Club del Moro

Starting next Monday, the journalist Gonzalo Sorbo will be in the Santiago del Moro program and expressed his happiness online.

“I want to thank everyone who is writing me messages and good luck for Monday. Then I will tell the story well. It’s so crazy to me what’s happening.“, he expressed through his Instagram stories.

It sounds trite, but follow your dreams. Years ago I wrote to Santiago del Moro on Instagram, and one day the message came from ‘hey, Gonza, I have a place, do you want to be there?’. So on Monday, Moorish Clubhe expressed with emotion Gonzalo Sorbocurrent chronicler of America TV and A24and wrote about the video: “Thank you all for banking. The happiness I have is incredible“.

At the same time, Santiago del Moro said after announcing the departure of Nacho Otero of his program that Gonzalo had contacted him a long time ago to work together: “I was walking and thinking about Otero’s replacement. And I said ‘this is the kid’. I contacted the director of the radio station and my producer, and I told them that I was going to go there. When I’m going to write to him on Instagram to see if he was committed to something, I look for him, and I see that I had a message from him from a few years ago, that he was a fan of the program and that his dream was to work with us“.

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