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Killed surfing tourists in Mexico were shot in the head


Three dead Australian and American surf tourists who were found in Mexico before the weekend had all been shot in the head, Mexican authorities say. Here, the police stand guard outside the station in Ensenada, the town where the three tourists were supposed to live. Photo: AP / NTB

Of NTB | 06.05.2024 03:53:56

Policy: Mexican authorities confirmed on Sunday that they are two Australian brothers aged 30 and 33 and an American aged 33 who were last seen on 27 April.

The three were found at Santo Tomas in Baja California before the weekend. The state is located in the far north-west of Mexico.

They are believed to have been killed while robbers stole their car, says Baja California Attorney General Maria Elena Andrade. Three suspects, two men and a woman, have been arrested, suspected of being involved in the murders. One of those arrested has a history of violence, drug dealing and robbery, according to the authorities.

Relatives of the three missing arrived in Mexico on Sunday to identify the remains.

Baja California is known for its beautiful beaches, and the state’s proximity to the California border makes it a favorite destination for American tourists. The state is also among Mexico’s most violent, but the drug cartels’ activity rarely affects foreign tourists.

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