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Lali Espósito recalled her first steps as an actress and reflected on the employment situation of children


Lali Esposito She recalled her experiences as an actress in the television world and reflected on the changes that have been implemented for children on recording sets.

The singer also began her career at the age of 12 in Corner of Lighthand in hand with Cris Morenawho would later give him his leading role in Almost angels. At that time, children’s contracts were not regulated regarding the time they could be working, so they spent many hours in front of the cameras. Years later, the Actors Union fought for those hours to be reduced and this was achieved.

In this context, the pop star accompanied her friend Cande Vetrano in his debut as a filmmaker, with whom he shared his first steps, and took the opportunity to remember: “I take away from that whole strange stage, because one is too young to be aware, our experience was happy“.

In dialogue with Show Partners (El Trece) stated that “I learned the profession in a place as special as Cris’s universe, which It’s hard because you have to learn to work and it takes a lot of work.“.

In those times we children worked a lot of hours. That’s why I celebrate everything that happens over time so that the children are more content. but, personally, it was a nice experience that I would repeat because everything I remember was so nice,” he highlighted the contractual differences with the child actors currently.

What is Lali Espósito’s current employment status?

Lali Esposito debut in X Factor, the new musical reality show from Spain, and one of the participants told her hard life story in which she allegedly suffered sexual abuse by a person and brought tears to the entire studio, including those of the singer. Likewise, she couldn’t give him a return for how excited she was.

After its presentation, he commented which song he was going to sing, and explained why: “It represents a lot to me, the anxiety that is experienced due to a stage in my life in which I suffered sexual abuse. I feel super proud to sing this song to the girl I was and the childhood that was stolen from me, with the suffering from the age of 4 to 13.”

Once the presentation and the song were over, Lali could not hold back her tears and with a lump in her throat she could not speak: “I am very moved, it is very difficult for me to tell you something.”

Finally, Lali Espósito, and with the encouragement of the public, concluded: ““You don’t know the value of your being here today.”. And he closed: “On the other side there are many people who have never been able to speak or do not know how to sing and do not find the means to say, you did it and that makes you an example and you used the most beautiful channel that can exist, which is music.”


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