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Listhaug re-elected as Frp leader to a standing ovation


Sylvi Listhaug is ready for two new years as Frp’s party leader. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Of NTB | 21.04.2024 11:21:03

Policy: – I am highly motivated to continue, says Listhaug.

She received warm applause from her own people when she was re-elected at the Frp’s national meeting in Gardermoen on Sunday.

In a short speech to the national assembly, Listhaug emphasized that she is looking ahead to next year’s general election. Now the party must use the time well so that the country gets a new government with a large Frp with a lot of influence, she pointed out. She announced that she will probably appear around the country with a blue motorhome with slogans on it to lead the way in the election campaign.

– If you are ready for two new years, then I am. I make myself available. I think it is a great privilege to be allowed to be a leader in this wonderful party, she said.

There were no opposing candidates, and Listhaug was elected by acclamation.

The chairman of the election committee, Eivind Stene, believes that it was obvious to insist that Listhaug should continue.

– Sylvi was set as a leader, of course! No doubt about it. She has done a very good job, we are very happy with the work she has done, he said.

Listhaug was the only one in the party leadership who was up for election at this year’s national meeting. She is elected for two years.

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