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Lucas Bertero confronted Horacio Cabak for treating him as a liar: “He dirtyes the rest, as he did for many years”


Lucas Bertero He confronted Horacio Cabak for treating him as a liar and it was lapidary.

In the last few hours, the driver crossed the journalist for saying that he resigned from The Fashion Cage (City Magazine)when in reality he said that he was kicked out.

“I didn’t expect to be involved in an issue with Horacio Cabakbut since he puts me in the ring and It plays with the most important thing I have, which is my capital, my credibility, not lying…“, introduced Lucas Bertero through an audio that he sent to Afternoon Nosersthe program of Carlos Monti in Net TV.

I do not lie. I have chats with colleagues who tell me that, in the corridors of LN + when he started his weekend magazine, he was already saying that he had resigned from La Jaula“he assured.

“Because it is not compatible for some channels to make cable on two sides. The same thing was proposed to him, but he pulled the rope and in the end he could not do both. So Now he tries to dirty the rest, as he knew how to do for many years in other programs“, he concluded sharply Lucas Bertero.

What Horacio Cabak said about Lucas Bertero

Horacio Cabak was left out of The Fashion Cage (Ciudad Magazine) by a decision beyond his control, and after it was announced that El Pollo Álvarez will be his replacementgave him a spicy warning.

Through his X account (formerly Twitter), the driver exploded against very morning (The thirteen) and the production of the fashion program for giving an erroneous version about his separation from it.

Don’t lie anymore. I take advantage of the announcement of the Pollo Alvarez as new driver The Fashion Cage for clear up the constant liesin this case by Bertero and company, formulated in a program produced by the same team that makes The Fashion Cage and with whom I worked until December and who know that they are lying,” he said. Horacio Cabak upon hearing statements from Lucas Bertero in very morning (The thirteen) that he didn’t like.

Horacio Cabak discharge

I don’t have a contract since 12/31. My contracts always ended in December and were re-signed in March/April (They never paid us during the summer, and they never assured us of job continuity) My contract was with the channel, not with the production company,” he explained.

I never quit. I never signed exclusivity. They never paid me. I negotiated with LN+ to continue with La Jaula. The channel was aware. Since February I have had a contract with LN +, both in February and March, the channel asked me for time to define the situation of the continuity of the Cage,” he added.

“They informed me of the decision on WhatsApp, forty minutes after it was announced in Intruders. The only ones who called me were Hernán Drago and Pollo Álvarez,” he stated sharply and continued: “Bertero, how little code you have to put my co-worker, Marina Calabro, in the middle to justify a lie.

Finally, Cabak gave Pollo Álvarez a spicy warning about the program: “Successes @polloalvarezok. But be careful… be very careful. ‘Friends’ are not so ‘friends’ and ‘codes’ were invented to be broken“.

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