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Marcelo Tinelli dedicated an emotional birthday greeting to his son Lorenzo


Marcelo Tinelli He dedicated an emotional birthday greeting to his son Lorenzo, who turns 10 years old. Additionally, she showed off the special gift she gave him.

The driver shared a video where he compiled several images from his childhood, where his brothers and some members of the Argentine National Team such as Lionel Messi and Rodrigo De Paul appeared. There, he commented: “Happy birthday Lolito, love of my life. Happy 10 years of life my little giant. I love you always. I’m dying of love for you”.

You make every day of my life immensely bright. I’m proud of you. My little one, my giant. I love you forever. For a life always together,” he told him what his company means to him.

He even showed a photo of his youngest son with the country’s new soccer jersey: “The birthday boy already has his 10th birthday and that of Leo Messi, his great idol”.

Marcelo Tinelli's birthday greeting to Lolo
Marcelo Tinelli’s birthday greeting to Lolo

What is Marcelo Tinelli’s present work like?

Susana Giménez and Marcelo Tinelli will join forces to host a reality show which is characterized by humor and which has been very successful in its first season.

Is about “LOL: Last One Laughing Argentina” where they will seek to crown a new champion. The challenge is to provoke the greatest amount of laughter in your opponents since “he who laughs, loses”.

This is what they announced from the streaming platform in charge of transmitting it: “The recordings of LOL Argentina have finished and we can finally say that the kings of Prime Time, Susana and Marcelo, are now also the kings of Prime Video.”

Susana Giménez and Marcelo Tinelli will host LOL
Susana Giménez and Marcelo Tinelli will host LOL

For his part, the renowned driver of the Dancing and Showmatchstated on his Instagram account: “I love being part of the Prime Video family and working with my dear Su Giménez”.


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