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Marina Calabró whitewashed her relationship with Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares after their estrangement


Marina Calabro keep going distanced from Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares after they revealed, without his permission, his separation from his ex-partner before starting a relationship with Rolando Barbano.

Although, at first, the one who was upset by what happened was the journalist, the drivers of Sentertainment leisure (El Trece) were very furious when Ángel de Brito got involved in the scandal.

Because the political scientist has every intention of recovering the relationship with those who were her friends, the program’s host asked her: “Did you have coffee with Rodrigo Lussich?”. However, she assured: “No, not yet. That boy is angry“.

“They are angry. And I try to make it cool and de-dramatize it but they are still angry”, he stated, making clear the difficulty of them becoming friends again. And she added: “I try to build bridges but I don’t know. From my side everything is fine“.

Finally, Lussich stated: “Time will tell. Today the issue is not us, there are more important things. A flat with Marina would be nice, she can now.”

What happened between Marina Calabro and Rodrigo Lussich?

Marina Calabro separated from Martin Albrecht, and Rodrigo Lussich was in charge of breaking the news as a scoop. This bothered the journalist, since she did not ask her if she could reveal it or not, and she stated in this regard: “What he did was not good.”

After the strong cross between Rodrigo Lussich and Ángel de Brito, The entertainment journalist expressed her discomfort on the air Afternoon Busybodies (Net TV): “Everything that happened from Friday to today… doesn’t make me happy at all. What about Rodrigo, the accusations… the war between journalists to give him a title. I have a lot of love for all of them and the last thing that would happen “I want this to generate an escalation between them.”.

It hurts me. What happened on Friday hurt me and what happened today didn’t add much to me either, but it will pass“, he revealed. And explained: “What happened was that Rodrigo anticipated telling it, but beyond the fact that he told me that he never interpreted it as me not to publish it because Ángel was going to tell it, there it is already at the level of subjectivities. I was clear, he He tells me no and I respect it.”.

If you are going to post a tweet about a friend’s intimate or private life, even let them know. He sent me a message after uploading it and apologizing, there is already a record that what he did was not good. The journalist beat him, it can happen“, he declared Marine. “When there are friends in the middle, telling something about them is not news. I can count it as data”he assured.

Rodrigo Lussichfor his part, gave his version of the events in Partners of the Show (El Trece) and stated: “I care about scoops, and we have the resources to do so. Everything goes as long as the opportunity presents it. So, taking into account that there was going to be the scoop of a program at eight at night, I put it on Twitter “I’m not naive, there was an intention, but not to betray my friend (Marina Calabró)..


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