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Martín Ku’s girlfriend from Big Brother got a trade for Arturo and caused controversy on the internet


Maria del Rosario (Marisol), the girlfriend of Martin Ku, got him a trade Arthur the dog of the house Big Brother 2023 (Telefe)and this is because The Chinese He decided to keep the pet after having established a friendly relationship. But, she caused controversy on the networks since it is still not certain that she will stay with them no matter what decision her boyfriend has made.

“I wanted to show you this beautiful, custom-made feeder that you sent us,” express Marisol in a video he shared on his Instagram account. While she also showed the little dishes that she got for her other pets: “It has three little plates: for Coco, Lili and in the future for Arturo too”confirming that Arturo is already one of them.

The Chinese man's girlfriend has an exchange for Arturo
The Chinese man’s girlfriend has an exchange for Arturo

“Is it decided that El Chino stays with Arturo?”they consulted the influencer Pilar Telechea. And he answered: “He’s already making a trade for Arturo, so…”confirming that the couple may keep the dog.

Finally, Martin Ku stated that, if he is eliminated and has to leave the house, he wants to take Arturo with him. That is why his girlfriend, Marisol, has already made all the preparations for when they both leave the house.

What happened to Arturo in Big Brother?

The animal shelter that rescued Arturo, “Lost Footprintsreleased a new statement saying that Big Brother and Telefe refused to take the dog out of the house despite his request.

We regret to inform you that the production of Big Brother is not willing to hand over Arturo, despite our request and availability. Our intention was to make the request public, with respect and putting into words what is happening and what we want for the dog,” they expressed.

“We got a ‘no’ answer, arguing that we can see Arturo 24 hours a day. Yes, as you read. Apparently the rating and pure marketing strategies make a living being go into the background“,

Arturo's rescuers against Telefe
Arturo’s rescuers against Telefe

In turn, from the shelter, they announced: “We did everything on our part to ensure that this was resolved as healthily as possible for Arturo, but given this refusal we see no choice but to take the corresponding legal actions. We are saddened to have to go through this situation, since as many know, our task is focused on another point, to continue rescuing. But we have no choice, as Big Brother production eludes our request.”

Will Arturo continue in the Big Brother house?

The constant attacks of Juliana Rage Scaglione with screams and insults, they took them to the animal shelter that rescued Arturo, “Lost Footprints“, to demand through a statement that the dog be returned to them.

From Huellitas we want to express our dissatisfied with the events that are happening in the Big Brother house regarding Arturo; a dog rescued from abusewho entered the program so that it could be its transit home, the participants would provide it with the necessary care that an animal needs and then it would be put up for adoption,” begins the extensive text published on its account. instagram.

And he continues: “What was the objective? The intention was always to generate a message of awareness about the importance of getting involved, rescuing, transiting and giving up for adoption.”.

Lost Footprints communicated by Arturo
Arturo’s rescuers against Telefe

In this framework, they explained why they allowed Arthur will enter Big Brother: “The program, one of the most watched on Argentine TV, gave us the necessary screen to be able to give that message, this being the task we do daily with the entire Huellitas team, as well as thousands of rescuers in the country. A work that is more expensive every day and generates an enormous effort, and where the lack of public policies means that we must disseminate and spread the work that is done through the media that do give us the place to do it.

“Today, with what happened, we believe that the decision was not correct, since limits were exceeded, which as far as we are concerned, are not healthy for Arturo. WE ARE WRONG”they stated, referring to the daily angry state of Rage.

“However, Due to the events of extreme violence, which occurred recently, generated among the participants of the reality show, we consider that it is no longer a suitable ‘home’ for Arturo, therefore, we immediately request the production of Big Brother Argentina to return the dog.making available, by this group, a transit home, necessary care and subsequent adoption, subject to its corresponding ‘adoption form,'” they indicated.

From now on we wanted to inform you that the dog was always protected from any type of aggressive act and under permanent control by a team of professionals in the field.Even so, since events of public knowledge occurred, It is no longer a suitable place for Arturo, as it would not be for any animal that suffers from them.
@santidelmoro @telefe @granhermanoar @telefenoticias”, concludes the text quoting the host of the reality show, Santiago del Moroto the program, and to Telefe Noticias.

It is worth noting that Martin Chinese Kuthe participant most attached to Arturo, and whom Arturo chose within the house, confirmed on Sunday during the elimination gala that his intention is to adopt the dog.

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