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More than a quarter of a billion people suffered acute famine last year


Palestinians in a food queue in Rafah on the Gaza Strip. 282 million people worldwide suffered from acute hunger last year, according to the Food Security Information Network (FSIN). Photo: Fatima Shbair / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 24.04.2024 12:31:30

Accidents and natural disasters: Extreme weather and economic instability also led to more people experiencing acute food insecurity. The proportion increased by 24 million people last year from 2022, according to a new report on food shortages from the Food Security Information Network (FSIN). The network is a collection of several UN bodies, the EU and both governmental and non-governmental organisations.

2023 was the fifth straight year with an increase in the number of people suffering from so-called acute food insecurity. It is defined by populations experiencing food shortages that threaten life or livelihood, regardless of the cause and duration.

Much of the increase is due to the report’s area of ​​coverage being extended and increasing problems in twelve countries.

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