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Moria Casán, spicy about the separation of Javier Milei and Fátima Florez: “He can only be in love with the people who voted for him”


Moria Casan commented on the separation of Javier Milei and Fátima Florezand it was spicy.

The diva spoke with Santiago Sposato for LAM (America TV) and when asked if he was surprised by the reason why the president and the comedian separated, he responded with a laugh: “I love it, because he is a born seducer. He is a man who greatly admires women’s intelligence. And here, he was half… I don’t know if he managed to capture their admiration in terms of intelligence.“.

Milei can’t be in love with anything but him. He looks at himself and must be self-sufficient: ‘I am the president and the most famous in the world.’ And it is good that he does it because, in addition, he is building himself as President. The guy came from constructing himself as an outsider, as an economist. Now is being built as President: ‘I have to assimilate every day that I have to manage this country, they have to help me…’, it is at its maximum power,” said Moria Casán.

And he launched sharply: “The only person he can be in love with is the people who voted for him.. “That is a romance that no mine can occupy… The dogs and him!”

Regarding how he sees the situation in the country, the One He stated: “I de-dramatize my country, I always see it well. I see that everything that happens is for the good. Everything. I have lived here for many years, I did my entire career here, I never went to another country, except to work .So me, zero complaints with this I am. casanistics“I never expected anything from others, much less from the State.”

What happened between Javier Milei and Fátima Florez

Javier Milei confirmed online that he separated from Fatima Florez. The President of the Nation explained in a brief statement the reason for their breakup, and clarified that they will maintain a bond of friendship.

“As a result of the overwhelming professional success that Fátima is experiencing, of whom I am extremely proud, she has received numerous job offers to work both in the United States and in Europe. This, added to the complex task that I face today and that the Argentines have given me entrusted, has led us to live separately, making impossible the relationship that we would like to have, despite how much we love each other,” wrote the head of state in a message published on his official account on X.

Separation Javier Milei and Fatima Florez

That is why we decided to end our relationship and maintain a bond of friendship given how we feel about each other and how much we love, respect and admire each other.

The official announcement comes after weeks of crisis rumors and denials.

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