Tuesday, May 28, 2024

NCT’s Renjun Announces He’s Leaving Group Promotions Due to Anxiety Symptoms


On April 20, SM Entertainment issued a statement to announce the discontinuation of group promotions of Renjunmember of the eK-Pop group NCT and NCT Dream.

What happened to Renjun?

“Hello. We notified you about NCT member Renjun’s promotions. Recently, after experiencing a worsening of your health, as well as symptoms of anxietyRenjun visited the hospital, and medical experts recommended that he needed to rest,” says the text published by the agency.

He continues: “Concluding that the artist’s health was a top priority, we have decided after many conversations with Renjun to focus on his recovery. As a result, Renjun will not participate in any of the upcoming programming of groups from the fan lineup scheduled for today (April 20). “We will inform you again when his condition improves and he can consider resuming promotions.”

On the other hand, SM explained that “NCT Dream’s 3rd solo concert, ‘The Dream Show 3 : Dream( )scape’, scheduled for May 2-4, will go ahead with the participation of 6 members. We ask for your understanding. We would like to apologize to fans for causing them concerns. “We also promise to do everything possible so that Renjun can come back and greet fans with a healthy image.”

Finally, they announced that “SM Entertainment constantly monitors and takes legal action against all malicious online activities, including slander, sexual harassment, spreading false rumors, mocking and defamation, committed against our agency’s artists, including Renjun. “We plan to hold all individuals legally accountable without leniency or settlements, and we are committed to continuing to protect the rights of our agency artists.”

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