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New season for “Zero stars”


There will be more to see of these two, Linn Skåber and Ine Jansen, when “Zero stars” gets a second season. Photo: Warner Bros Discovery / Handout / NTB

Of NTB | 30.04.2024 14:45:03

Curiosities and celebrities: TVNorge stated on Tuesday that the different travel series will be seen in a second round, just days before it becomes clear whether “Zero stars” wins a Gullrute in the category for best reality and lifestyle programme.

Each episode was watched by an average of 433,000 viewers, giving a 23 percent audience share in the 25 to 69 audience, according to Warner Bros. Discovery’s press release.

This makes “Zero stars” one of the spring’s most watched programs on TVNorge and Discovery+.

– Feedback from the viewers and the tributes the series has received in the comment fields have been formidable and exclusively positive. It has almost become a public demand for a new season of “Zero stars”, says Magnus Vatn, responsible editor at TVNorge and program director at Warner Bros. Discovery Norway.

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