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Nicki Nicole previewed part of her new song Ojos Verdes that would seem to be dedicated to Peso Pluma


Nicki Nicole He is already working on his new album and, to calm people’s anxieties, decided that he is going to release a first song.

For this reason, the singer announced when the release of her next song will be: “This April 24 you have a date with Nicki Nicole and her song Green eyes“Do me a favor and cancel everything you have that day.”

Additionally, via Instagram, he shared a video where he previewed part of the lyrics: “Lucky finding myself in other green eyes, but I brought out the best in you and you realized it from the day I left. Who are you going to fool, who are you going to lie to saying that ‘you don’t miss me’? I know you are with someone else but thinking of me and you give her the kisses that someone gave you. “Who are you going to fool, who are you going to lie to saying that ‘you don’t miss me’?”

Everything would seem to indicate that it is dedicated to Featherweight, with who Their relationship ended after images of the Mexican with another woman went viral..

This way, Nicki Nicole will release a cumbia song again after the great success that was Another nightalong with Los Ángeles Azules.

How Nicki Nicole reacted when she found out about Featherweight’s infidelity

Nicki Nicole broke the silence after her separation from Featherweight and he told why he uploaded that publication when he found out about the infidelity.

It should be remembered that the Mexican had been seen in a casino hotel in Las Vegas with the influencer Sahar Sonia, after having attended the Super Bowl. After these images went viral, the woman from Rosario made a statement on her networks: “Respect is a necessary part of love. What is loved, is respected. What is respected, is cared for. When they don’t take care of you and when there is no respect… I don’t stay there. I’m leaving from there“.

For that reason, while she was on tour in Espala, the singer was questioned by “Los 40 Principales” about that event. Then, she revealed: “I did it, a little, because I felt it. I felt that everything was quite exposed and that, from my part, I had to say what I felt and what was happening to me”.

In addition, he highlighted the support of the people: “I really liked the messages I received from many women, a lot of support, a lot of love. “It’s a bit complicated when you mix private life with exposure because a lot of people come out to give their opinion and it’s difficult.”

“So I said ‘this is happening, it’s up to me to say something or not say it but I feel like I have to say it’, and it goes hand in hand with who I am. I sing what I live and say what I feel, and if it weren’t like that I wouldn’t be 100% me.“, concluded Nicki Nicole.


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