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Nicolás Magaldi proposed to Betiana Wolenberg at Disney: the video of the emotional moment


Nicolas Magaldi he asked her to marry him Betiana Wolenberg at Disney and portrayed the emotional moment through a video.

The journalist uploaded a clip to his Instagram account and wrote: “He said yes! This is going to be one of the best news of our lives and forever. Thank you infinitely, love“.

In the video you can see it Nicolas Magaldi pretending to want to take a family photo with the Disney castle in the background, when suddenly he knelt down and took out a ring for his partner, who he has been with since 2016.

“Are you serious? How cute!” he said. Betiana Wolenberg through tears, excited by the special proposal. Finally, the journalist and the model merged into a hug under the watchful eye of his son, who witnessed the entire display.

Who is Nicolás Magaldi’s partner?

Betiana Wolenberg She is a model, influencer, and through her Instagram account she generates content related to fashion. By mid-2023, Nicolas Magaldi He opened his heart and talked about one of the hardest and most painful moments of his life with his partner. The driver of Intractable (America) remembered that some time ago they lost a baby and that her life was in danger.

The driver gave an interview for The nation and, after talking about his professional present, he delved into issues of his private and family life. “We are going to get married any moment, is the love of my life and our son is our greatest consecration. They are everything to me, we move as a block,” she said at that time.

Then he opened his heart and He recalled that in 2021 they suffered the loss of a baby due to an ectopic pregnancy. This occurs when the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus, and can be very dangerous if not treated because the tissue continues to grow and can cause a lot of blood loss and affect other organs.

Nicolás Magaldi and his family

It was horrible and every time I talk about it I get emotional.I’m left typing. With situations like the ones we had to go through, one becomes aware of the miracle of life“said Magaldi. And he recalled that at that moment he had prepared to participate in a race that takes place in Patagonia: “I was ready to run in Villa La Angosturabut Betiana He began to feel severe pain when we were in Neuquenso we went urgently to Barilochewhere we were going to stay on vacation, but to visit a doctor. As soon as we arrived, she was hospitalized, went to the operating room and there the outcome occurred.“.

In turn, the communicator assured that his wife’s life was in danger: “From thinking about names for the baby to having the worst moment of our lives, it was horrible. If we had not handled ourselves as quickly as we did, Betiana would have died, since she was bleeding to death.“.

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