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Norway and the USA are to increase cooperation on mineral extraction


Industry Minister Jan Christian Vestre (Ap), here during a visit to California on Tuesday this week, has met the White House’s security adviser for international economics to discuss follow-up to last year’s letter of intent on mineral extraction. Photo: Jeff Chiu / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 18.04.2024 02:23:10

Policy: The statement was announced on the night of Thursday Norwegian time after a meeting between Industry Minister Jan Christian Vestre (Ap) and the White House’s security adviser for international economics, Daleep Singh, in Washington.

The meeting was a follow-up to an agreement of intent that Norway and the USA entered into last autumn.

– The letter of intent is an important step for further strengthening the future strategic cooperation between the United States and Norway when it comes to critical minerals, it is stated in statement from the White House.

– Pursuant to the agreement, the US and Norway intend to build on several months of constructive dialogue through a coordinated approach to the challenges and opportunities that characterize the markets for critical minerals, the statement continues.

The White House points out that the cooperation should, among other things, focus on taking care of working and environmental conditions in global supply chains.

– With this letter of intent, the US and Norway intend to strengthen cooperation to ensure long-term commercial viability for a sustainable, market-oriented mining and processing operation at a high level of critical minerals in the US, Norway and the rest of the world, says the statement from the White House House.

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