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NRK continues the salary negotiations overtime


The deadline for concluding the tariff negotiations by Thursday at 4 pm was not reached. NRK and the Norwegian Association of Journalists agree to continue working overtime. Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB

Of NTB | 25.04.2024 23:02:17

Working life: – Our members have a clear demand not only for real wage growth, but also to take on our colleagues in comparable companies who have a salary level far above the NRK journalists, says leader of the negotiation committee Rolf Johansen in a press release.

This year’s settlement is a main settlement, which means that both money and text requirements are negotiated.

according to Media24 There are several trade unions negotiating with NRK these days, including Delta and the Norwegian Servants’ Association.

For the Norwegian Association of Journalists, it is important to ensure a good balance between work and free time in this salary settlement, says the negotiator.

– Because it is both in our members’ and also in NRK’s ​​interest that this time period is shielded as much as possible, says Johansen.

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