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One in three injuries occurs in the home


FHI published its annual report on patient injuries in Norway on Wednesday. It shows that most damages last year occurred inside or outside the home. Illustration photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

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Economy and business: Last year, a total of 178,000 injuries of varying degrees were registered in Norway, according to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health report on patient injury data for 2023.

The report categorizes the injuries into, among other things, age groups and where the injuries occurred.

56,447 of the injuries occurred indoors and outdoors in homes, which amounts to nearly 32 per cent of all injuries.

In this category, there were far more women than men who injured themselves at home. 36 per cent of the women who were registered as injured last year injured themselves indoors and outdoors at home, while the proportion was 27 per cent for men.

More generally, people under the age of 20 are the age group where the most injuries occur, with a total of 54,314 injuries or over 30 per cent of all injuries.

People over 80 are the age group where there are the fewest injuries, but in return these injuries are often more serious, states FHI.

It is the 20–39 age group that dominates the category for road traffic accidents, where one in three is in this age group.

Bicycles are the most common means of transport in road traffic accidents, followed by cars/vans. Accidents on foot are in third place, while electric scooters are in fourth place.

Of all injuries in total that were registered last year, the vast majority were of minor severity – 72 per cent. Moderate severity accounted for 20 per cent, while only 3 per cent of the injuries were considered serious. 4.5 percent had an unknown extent of damage.

The second largest number of injuries occurred in a sports context or in a sports area. There, 26,940 injuries or 15 percent of the injuries were registered. Here there is a predominance of men (18 per cent), while 12 per cent of women injured themselves in such a context.

A preponderance of the injuries (51 per cent) for all age groups concern injuries after a fall. After that, it is collisions/collisions that cause the most damage.

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