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Ornaments must be removed from the Stock Exchange in Copenhagen


Part of the fire-ravaged Børsen building behind scaffolding in the center of Copenhagen. Photo: Liselotte Sabroe / NTB

Of NTB | 20.04.2024 09:20:28

Accidents and natural disasters: They must be moved into containers and preserved. Work can begin since a large part of the scaffolding around the building has now been removed.

– The work is progressing according to plan, but as we have seen in the last couple of days, many unforeseen things can happen, said director Jakob Vedsted Andersen of Hovedstadens Beredskab on Saturday morning.

He also said that a new part of the wall in the burned-out building fell down a little before 7 o’clock. This must have been planned. The outer walls of the building have extensive damage after the fire and a scaffolding collapse on Thursday.

Andersen could not guarantee that more parts of the outer walls would not collapse.

– Now we are quietly trying to get the scaffolding down around the very iconic gable. But I give no guarantees, because the masonry is very unstable, he said.

One of Northern Europe’s largest construction machines is taking part in the work at the heavily fire-damaged building from the 17th century. The machine is called “the bumblebee” and weighs 200 tonnes.

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